BMW E46 M3 Window Tinting Film Installation

The owner of this BMW was one of the winners of the Glasstint event. He came to our studio for window tinting film installation.

BMW E46 M3

Glasstint event's third winning car, E46 M3.
This car is even pre-production version with SMG mission on the car.

It is the first pre-production E46 M3 in Glasstint.

E43M3 is a unique car with a second row's glass tilts. Whoever liked cars during the early 2000s would love this model. It has its own window tinting also.

Film's condition shows the 15 years of time. Rear window has four films installed.

Then, it was the early stage of shrinking that most of the rear window installation was with 3~4 films.
Of course, it isn't used these days, but then, it is the general way to do it.

He came to Glasstint after hearing that he won the event.
We start with the film removing process which will be hard.

Removing the old tinting film

There is no tinting on windshield and he doesn't plan to do it.
As he requested, we proceed M3 re-installation only to side and rear windows with Shure X.

Re-installation needs more work and time than a new car.
We don't have a big concern about the side windows, but the real problem is the rear window and its heat rays.

We try hard with time and effort, but we cannot give assurance that heat ray will be 100% preserved.
Enough instruction was given before the installation. However, as the film's life is far past and distortion is in progress, he wanted to proceed the re-installation.

New ceramic tinting film installation

Fortunately, there is no damage on the heat rays of the rear window. Now with Shure X, the car will reborn and be full with details of Glasstint.

Especially Pico-edge that matches the end of film and window of frameless door.

You can see the difference with a glance in these pictures.

Installation began when the sun is up high and after installation, we couldn't see the sun.
Re-installation is finished with Glasstint Shure X 32

The owner was very sensitive about visibility that he didn't install tinting film on the windshield.

As low concentration film has heat rejection as good as high concentration film, many people look for low concentration film recently.

Shure X is the best fit for them as it has 95% IR protection regardless of concentration.

It has its unique feeling of tinting that it show-off a soft sense of silhouette of the interior. Also, Shure X is a non-metallic film that it is free from jamming and moire effect.
To enjoy M3's unique feeling, Shure X provides clear visibility.

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