BMW X3 Windshield Window Tinting

After changing the car windshield, the owner of this BMW X3 stocked in Glasstint for installing the same window tinting.

Windshield replacement

Normally, windshield breakage occur because of stone flown to windshield or during driving. However, this car is unique case that it occur during parking.

His story is that brick fell from the building he parked. It is very ridiculous situation that BMW X3 owner smirk thinking about it.

Glasstint Database

He doesn't remember exact film and concentration but Glasstint only. But we have a database with all our customers' history. We looked for his installation in our record. He installed Shure 40 and this time he installed Shure X 50.

Humidifier for tinting

In our tinting studios we have a humidifier that looks like a bottle.
Many people ask for its usage. In dry day, more dust come in.

To minimize dust to come in, we sprinkle water to increase humidity in the tinting installation studio. (Only water and compressed water is used)

Premium ceramic film Shure X

Shure X has 95 heat rejection regardless of concentration which is one of the highest heat rejection among non-metallic film.

Why Glasstint stick to non-metallic film? It is because of the moire effect and jamming.

Metallic material used for heat rejection has its own discomfort that after long research, most of our line-up is non-metallic.

There are many tinting stores, but not many tinting "only" stores.

Only install tinting and concentrate on one area, Glasstint.

Difference that specialists make, feel it in Glasstint.