BMW X4 Window Tinting Installation

The owner of BMW X4 experienced Glasstint with Mini Cooper 5 years ago. With his satisfying memory, he chose Glasstint again for window tinting.

Looking for a product that he used for years again means that it was really satisfying experience. We really appreciate meeting customers like him.

To tint in Glasstint, he drove the car without tinting for weeks. The best return we can give is to do our best on installation for his satisfaction.

Many customers' constant trust in visiting Glasstint with other cars again. It is an energy source that made Glasstint.

* Although every installer in Glasstint has great skills, there can be a mistake as it is human work. And for every mistake, we return with A/S until the end.

His satisfying experience with Shure and Optic is upgraded with a combination of Shure X and Optic W.

Tinting film selection

Shure X maintains original Shure's outstanding heat rejection and 95% IR protection while upgrading to natural black color.

Optic W has its unique charcoal color maintained and upgraded heat rejection up to 80% in any concentration and outstanding visibility.

Both films have clear visibility and pleasantness of no jamming and moire effect.

The combination of Shure X and Optic W completes the driving environment. We hope he is satisfied again in Glasstint.