BMW X5 Tinting

First of all and perhaps the most common reason for window tinting is privacy. Tinted windows prevent (to a certain degree) people from outside of your BMW X5 car and other drivers from looking into your car.

It’s actually a great way to make potential thieves think twice about their actions. Leaving an exposed cell phone or a laptop at your back seat is often just inviting people to steal it. By tinting your BMW X5 windows, you’ll feel at least a bit safer knowing that any valuables in your car aren’t as easy to see.

While good looks are a massive draw-card, tinting your car windows also serves multiple functional benefits. Unless your car is always in the shade (unlikely) chances are, it may slowly become damaged by the harsh rays of our beautiful Korean sun.

We make a few sacrifices in order to enjoy our more temperate climate, and thankfully with GLASSTINT first-class window tinting, we don’t need to sacrifice our vehicles.

While car window tinting is not going to stop a thief, those that want to gain quick entry through smashing a window may be deterred.

The added layer of protection from GLASSTINT Shure X premium film makes the glass harder to break and the broken glass will remain in one piece attached to the film. This also serves as a feature that will help minimize broken glass should you have an accident.

GLASSTINT Optic W is a high-quality tinting film that blocks 99% of UV A & B so it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. So besides helping to keep your car looking nice and new, tinted windows can also keep your skin safe from harm. Your car is like your shelter, keep it private with window tinting

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