Range Rover Vogue With Shure X

If you are in the market for a ruggedly athletic SUV, look no further than the Range Rover Vogue. The Range Rover has, for years, been hailed for its near-perfect balance of luxury and off-roading.

Range Rover: GLASSTINT

Not only is it a thrilling vehicle to drive, but it is also loaded with tech features. The interior is impeccably crafted with top-of-the-line materials and flawless stitching. Performing window tinting on the car at GLASSTINT was quite worth-while. Trust me, if we say we've worked on numerous models of cars - It is no exaggeration.

Windshield: Shure X 12 Tinting Film

Windshields today are usually glass laminated with pieces of plastic to hold the windshield together if it is broken. It is important to have a protective covering on your windshield to avoid a crack or divot. This will make sure your windshield is strong in case of an accident. Shure X 12 tinting film is a ceramic film that prevents occupant ejection. It as well prevents roof collapse in the event of a rollover which is a critical component in your passenger side airbag. Shure X products have better tinting speed and construction quality index than other ordinary films. Windshield battle, read here.

Roof Hatch: Shure X 12 Tinting Film

Your roof hatch is a very important part of your safety. A proper tinting film must be used during installation. With 30 years of experience in the automobile tinting industry, you can be sure the installation procedure is done right. We stand behind our work and offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Shure X 12 is the latest addition to the new inorganic thermal infrared barrier material that is superior in solar barrier and insulation. It uses less shade for a higher result in upholstery protection and heats absorption so it allows less heat in.

Side and Back: Shure X 12 Tinting Film

It’s a little known fact that your side and back windows play a pivotal role in driver and passenger safety. It provides the structural integrity of your car. As well as this, your side and back windows are designed to protect you from external elements. Shure X 12 has the highest grade of cyanide and looks clearer at nighttime. It is a perfect non-metallic film that does not cause any interference to a vehicle. It has a TSER of 65% and VLT of 12%.

You sure have lots of good reasons to purchase window tinting films from us. Our window tinting protects you and your interior from the ravaging effects of UV rays. Our recommended car window tinting films provide exceptional heat and UV blocking.

Our products are designed for long-term, high-standard performance, making the investment well worth it.