Three Different Benz MayBach With Shure X

Whether it's to upgrade your vehicle's look or block light on hot days, GLASSTINT window tinting film can completely transform your car. We highly recommend ceramic tinting films.

Auto tints are applied to the glass surfaces of your vehicle, such as the windshield, rear glass, and side windows. The best auto tint has several advantages that will make driving not only more comfortable but also safer.

What's Your Choice?

During the summer or in hot climates, the interior of your car can get very hot. The best auto tint will keep the interior cooler.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be very harmful to the human body. It can cause a number of health issues, such as skin cancer (melanoma), cataracts, and premature skin aging.

Dashboards and seats can become damaged after years of baking in the sun. This not only decreases the look and feel of your car but also its value. Window tint will help block those UV rays that cause irreparable damage and discoloration to your vehicle’s interior.

BENZ Model Car: GLASSTINT Feedback

Here at GLASSTINT, Benz model car isn't new to us. We've had opportunities installing our ceramic tinting film on different models of Benz. Benz model car is exceptionally comfortable and quiet. It has outstanding rear-seat functionality and features.

It comes with a chock full of standard safety features and strong engine brakes. Installing car window tinting film hasn't been a problem for us. This is due to our familiarity with the Benz model car. Remember, the experience will always remain the best teacher!

Here is the installation of GLASSTINT Shure X 32 on windshield and GLASSTINT Shure X 12 on side and back for all three Mercedes Benz Maybach.

Why GLASSTINT Shure X Tinting Film Is Suitable For Benz Maybach?

GLASSTINT Shure X is a premium ceramic window tinting film that helps to reduce the internal temperatures of a vehicle. It has a Solar Heat Absorption of 74%, IR rejection of 95% - all this upon visible light transmittance of 32% and 12%.

GLASSTINT Shure X ceramic window film blocks up to 95% of the infrared rays that penetrate windows. This causes a reduction in solar heat, resulting in a cooler interior.

Most heat shielding window tinting films are generally made of films that mix materials with infrared control as well as IR (infrared) blocking on the surface hard coat of the film.

Visible Light Transmittance - Shure X Tinting Film

The shade measures how much light can pass through a tinting film. The best types of window tinting film typically come in various shades of black and are rated by the percentage of visible light transmission (VLT) that enters the vehicle.

Tinting with a lower VLT percentage is darker, while tints with a higher VLT percentage are lighter. For example, GLASSTINT Shure X 32 has a VLT of 32%, while GLASSTINT Shure X 12 has a VLT of 12% which means that 32% and 12% of the light will come into the vehicle.

Now, let's compare: The Aftermath (Make Your Choice)

Benz Maybach: Model One

Benz Maybach: Model Two

Benz Maybach: Model Three

We leave you to judge based on your personal taste. However, no matter what your personal taste may be, experts at GLASSTINT can help you choose the right type of window film for your vehicle.

GLASSTINT is a Korean brand of premium window tinting film for vehicles. We are absolutely confident in our window tinting films and our wealth of experience in performing the most challenging installations. We have performed automobile window tinting on countless high-end vehicles.

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