Hyundai Genesis G90 | Windshield Window Tinting

This Genesis G90 had a total installation of Shure X 3 years ago. Because of recent windshield breakage, he came to Glasstint for installing window tinting film again on the windshield.

Windshield tinting

He was satisfied with the Glasstint tinting film Shure X. Therefore,  he decided to install the same tinting after a windshield replacement.

With a new windshield, Genesis G90 tinting installation will start with Shure X 50 for privacy protection with clear visibility. The reason why many owners trust us is that we do a detailed installation with a high-quality tinting film.

Ceramic film with 95% heat rejection in all VTL

It is hard to find a non-metallic film that has 95% heat rejection regardless of concentration.

A ceramic tinting film has no jamming and moire effect. These can be really annoying while driving.

After a long research, we found that the metallic material used for heat rejection in tinting films has inconveniences. Consequently, most of Glasstint's film line-up is non-metallic. Most of our films are ceramic-based films.

There are many stores that do tinting installation among other things. But we are a tinting specialized center. You can feel the difference given by a specialized tinting brand in Glasstint.