Mercedes Benz AMG GT43 Window Tinting Film Installation

A brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GT43 arrived at our studio. The owner wanted to install window tinting film to protect his new car.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT43

We only saw this model through Youtube or pictures. Right after seeing Mercedes Benz AMG GT43, it gave feeling that it sniped Panamera.

Benz's 4 dour Coupe other than CLS, AMG GT43 stocked in Glasstint.

It is third AMG's own invented car and first 4-door car.

Especially, the front's Panamericana Grille makes us realize that Benz's symbol's feeling takes a huge part of Benz. The client received the car first on the line and he sent the car directly to us first.

Ceramic tinting film Shure X

The client chose our most premium ceramic tinting film, Shure X.

Many people just sell tinting film without any knowledge of film, technique, or know-how. Tinting should be selling high-quality film and installer's know-how and technique together.

Final result after tinting

High functionality tinting film Shure X and detailed installation finished tinting on AMG GT43.

Shure X is a high-quality film with 95% IR protection and 58~65% TSER.
As the window of the car is big, the film's functionality matters.

Non-metallic film Shure X has the best functionality non-metallic film can have and no jamming and moire effect.

Along with non-reflection's color, softness sense doesn't make people tired.

Heart-beating new car release date, as he started with Glasstint, we hope there is only pleasantness ahead.

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