Mercedes Benz C220d Window Tinting

A customer who already visited Glasstint twice decided to install window tinting with us again in his new Mercedes Benz C220d.

Mercedes Benz C220d in Glasstint studio. From Shure to Optic, as the owner of C220d has two experience with Glasstint, he chose without a doubt from film to concentration rate.

For him, Glasstint is his first choice. He didn't consider other brands.
The reason is that since 2011 he experienced most of Glasstints line-up. The satisfying results make this choice possible.

Why you should be careful when tinting your car

Looking for good engine oil, fueling with premium oil, and only using original goods are because of caring about the car and safety issue. However, window tinting is a bit different idea.

Window tinting is installation just for me, not upgrading the car's functionality or dressing-up car. It is an item not for car but for people. That is why you need to look more carefully.

Satisfying experience with film's functionality, installer's skill, and aftercare service, he chose Glasstint Optic W.

The functionality of Optic W improved from the original Optic's heat rejection.

The unique charcoal color remained, the heat rejection rate of 70~80% upgraded to over 80% in every concentration rate along with more clear visibility, Optic W. With better functionality, the unity is also improved.

Developing technology is important. But, stabilizing technology is more important than early adaption of technology.

Glasstint's new line-up announcement is a bit slow because we need enough proof and safety about the film's raw material and manufacturing method.

We are really thrilled to be with Mercedes Benz C Class C220d's window tinting and new start.

With better comfort, we hope the owner to have a more joyful car life.

If you are curious about more tinting installations with Oprtic W, take a look at our blog.