Porsche 911 Targa Window Tinting installation

Porsche 911 Targa visited us for window tinting installation. Targa is a rare car in South Korea so we loved working on it.

Tinting change the look of your car

Tinting is really really weird. It is just putting a thin film in the car, but which film you put decides how a car looks and inside the environment of the car. Tinting can change the look of your car.

Same car, same brand, same film, and same installation can have different result. There are some cars really complicated to install.

It is hard to list every model, Mercedes Benz's G Bargain's 3rd row window, windshield of Tesla, Range Rover, and Ferrari, and Porsche 911 Targa rear window.

Tinting installation process

There are not many Porsche 911 Targa in Korea, but the rear window of Targa is very unique. As it is bent almost 90 degrees that it is really hard to install. Some tinting store says it is impossible to install over hard level. This car had no tinting only on the rear window.

Targa's rear window is a very hard tinting installation

It is his will to tint or not, but anybody can say it is really awkward. That is why he looked for a brand where he can install rear window tinting.
He had to look for a brand that can install, not where it can install well.

We don't have much experience with this model, but we have experience of successful tinting with this model.

It takes a long time and it isn't the car that provides much profit. Possibility of after service is respectfully high as it is a very hard installation.

It is our pride to not select car to tint as tinting specialized brand. At least on our standard. We don't reject tinting installation unless it is impossible to install with today's technology.

Installation technology considering car and film's characteristics by researching and studying installation cases all over the world.

We can't say that we can install tinting films on every window, but we do our best and try to find a possible way. This is why many customers come back to tint their second or third car.

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