Porsche Cayenne Tinting | The best window tinting film for you?

The owner of this Porsche Cayenne visited Glasstint to find a window tinting film that meet his standards.

The perfect window tinting for each individual

Human eyes are very sensitive part that it is hard to recommend a specific window tinting. Even with the objective data, there are more subjective parts in window tinting that it is hard to know what tinting film will satisfy people.

His taste was the priority on his choice, not other's feelings or practicality of the film.

To make our customers satisfied, we try our best on installation which starts with detailed masking. This helps to protect the car from damages.

Combination of Porsche Cayenne, SUV with the sport-car DNA, and Shure X. Shure X highlights the charm of Cayenne with its black color sense.

VTL Choice for Porsche Cayenne

Considering heat rejection and clear visibility for safety, Cayenne's tinting film will be Shure X.

Shure X has 95% IR protection and is a non-metallic film with the comfort of no jamming and moire effect.

Enough reason to choose regardless of the high price.

Window tinting lasts long time that careful decision is required.

Your worry about window tinting, solve it with Glasstint.

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