Porsche Cayenne Window Tinting

Porsche Cayenne owner wanted a high-quality window tinting at a reasonable price range.

Porsche Cayenne

There are many reasons for choosing a car. Some for attractive design, some for fuel efficiency, and some for exciting sport driving. SUV's efficiency added sport driving DNA, Porsche Cayenne stocked in Glasstint.

The owner didn't want high concentration but high heat rejection, and a reasonable price range for a high-quality premium.

Ceramic tinting films

The owner's choice who wanted to experience everything about tinting. It will be Glasstint Shure X and Rode installed on Cayenne.

In choosing the product, objective data is just for a glance and what matters is your personal taste.

Most of the tinting installations go with 35% for the windshield and 15% for the rest of the windows. It is like an unofficial standard. However there are people who want tinting that has soft feeling and visibility ensured.

Technology development is one of the reason why people choose bright tinting a lot. For high heat rejection, high concentration was necessary before, but it isn't now.

Tinting film selection

Silhouette softly shown from outside. Rather than privacy protection, it can show gorgeous interior of Cayenne from outside and ensure visibility from inside.

Shure X has 95% IR protection and 49~57% TSER.
Rode 50 has 80% IR protection and 47% TSER.

You can experience outstanding functionality tinting film at a reasonable price compared to a total installation of Shure X.

Glasstint PPF: Aero Shield

Along with tinting, we installed headlight PPF.

The headlights located in the front of the car often accumulate small scratches over time, causing blurriness. The problem is that this can also affect safe driving. That's why we recommend PPF installation.

Tinting film protects the driver from heat and PPF protects your car from scratches. With its excellent performance, Glasstint's PPF protects the door edges, door cup, and bottom of the trunk as well as lights, giving your car an extra protection.

It has a softness of before and after the installation doesn't look much different. With maintaining a new car's feeling, the owner chose to only upgrade functionality.

Cayenne tinting is complete with Shure X and Rode.