Porsche Cayman window tinting re-installation

The owner of this Porsche Cayman didn't like the quality of installation and visibility, so he requested window tinting re-installation.

Porsche Cayman 718

We are going to show you Porsche Cayman 718, the masterpiece of Sport-car.
Cayman's sporty driving is from engine and aeromechanical designed car.

Re-installation takes much more time compared to installation.

The normal process of the re-installation is using steamer to soak the film. After soaking, we pull the film off the window and then we put glue remover to remove the leftover glue with the knife and this will leave lots of scratches on the car and make work a lot harder.

The worst part of this process is that as glue remover is very toxic liquid, the coating of glass will be removed and heat rays at the rear window will be damaged.

In Glasstint Hae-undae center, we don't use steamer and glue remover. We use our own technology to remove film.

Window tinting installation process

After removing the tinting film completely, we started the installation.

Tinting film selection

Shure X is a premium tinting film many customers look for.
You can choose VLT between 50%, 32%, 20%, 12%, and 6%, and as number is higher, it will be brighter. (as VLT is visual light transmission)
With Shure X 32, you can see if there is person inside the car or not.

Optic W is non-metallic film that there can't be any jamming. The problem with UV and IR is that it changes the molecule-structure which will decrease the lifetime of the film. To solve this problem, we put ceramic in film to prevent it. Also, Optic W has its unique and soft charcoal color which gives natural luxury to car.

PicoEdge technology

Glasstint has its own installation technologies which are Pico-edge and installing rear with one film.

Before Pico-edge
After Pico-edge

Pico-edge is Glasstint's special technique to match the end of film and window which looks like window originally had color. Some times there is irregular ending of window, but proceeding Pico-edge will get rid of it.

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