Porsche Macan Ceramic Window Tint

Today we install ceramic window tint on a Porsche Macan. The owner requested high heat protection for his car.


Porsche Macan

This model has Porsche's sports DNA on it. It is a compact, authentic sports SUV.

As Porsche said, the Macan with a clear sports design is only different in size, but it has a sleek appeal compared to Porsche's sports sedan.

Ceramic Tinting Films

We showed the owner our tinting films and explained each film strong points. After thinking about it, he selected a combination of Shure X and Optic W. Both films are ceramic films.

On the windshield we will install Shure X 32. On the rest of the windows we will install Optic W 15.


The owner wanted to install tinting without any worries. He chose Glasstint because after reading reviews, he realized all were five stars. Then he felt that he can leave his Macan with us without any worry.

Window Tinting Installation

Without further delay, we start the installation. First, we did the masking process. In this process we cover the car so it doesn't get any damage.


A detailed installation along with a high-performance film is the best combination for tinting. Both things will improve the driving experience for sure.

After tinting result

Shure X has 94~95% thermal infrared protection and a beautiful ceramic black color. Now the owner will be protected against heat and his car will look even more stunning from the outside.


Optic W has 80% heat rejection at all concentrations and unique charcoal color. Also, the new Optic W has a new feature that improves visibility.

Both products have clear visibility. And because they are non-metallic films, there is no radio interference.

With the combination of Shure X and Optic W, the owner will enjoy a brand new driving experience.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable driving, take a look at our shop.