Shine without interference

The Ford Mustang car has a more muscular look and new tech features that gives it a perfectly sleek and glittering look. The headlights are smaller than the ones on the previous model. Hence, it requires a window tint to improve vision and aesthetics.

The Problem

Here at GLASSTINT, we've had the opportunity to install our tinting film product on ford mustang.

One of our clients rolled down his Ford Mustang car into our workshop at Bucheon. Our client needed a window tinting film that will form a protective layer as well as gives a shiny look on his side front, side back and back windows.

If you're wondering whether your car needs a window tinting film, you sure have to act fast. The heat from your car can really leave you feeling drained and irritable.

In the extreme months of summer, even while in the car, all you'll want to do is shield yourself from the sun by installing a tinting film.

Our Solution: GLASSTINT Sunset Sputtered Technology

You can have a luxurious shiny look without interference on your Ford Mustang with our Sunset window tint film. Car window tinting can get you and your ride a little closer to both. GLASSTINT Sunset is a ceramic tinting film that perfectly suits your windows.

GLASSTINT Sunset has a sputtered technology capable of bombarding metal particles instead of using a solid metal layer. This allows the radio wave signals to leave without interference as they can pass through the particles.

No longer does your GPS, radio glass antenna, radio-type parking cards, smartphones, etc. suffer when you want a metallic finish in your car.

Car window tinting is a whole lot more than just a luxury statement. It actually is a necessity when you think of all the purposes that glass film serves.

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