Shure X 32 and 12 on Jaguar F

The glare from the sun can be sometimes frustrating, particularly when the rays of the sun hits your car and have a severe impact of UV rays on your body.

One of the greatest things about car tinting film is that, at your own discretion, you can make it see-through or invisible.

GLASSTINT company is a professional car window tint supplying and installation brand. Read more about our supply and customer experience.

Window coating ultimately helps to maintain the natural appearance of your windows and still does its job in preventing you from harmful UV rays.

Some days ago, we had the opportunity to supply and install tinting film for an automotive tint company. The company had been told about our good works and professionalism. Consider reading about high-performance tinting film here.

We commenced consultation on car window tinting film cost and choice of tinting film required, The company agreed on using GLASSTINT Shure X 32 for windshield and GLASSTINT Shure X 12 for back and sides for Jaguar F type car. Check out GLASSTINT film installation prices in Korea.

Upon agreement, we commenced the installation process of our window tint film. Truth is, privacy is one of the most important issues among vehicle owners and associated automotive industry. Car window tints vary on visible light transference level, in which some prefer darker tints for the sake of solitude and privacy.

What are the features of GLASSTINT Shure X car window tinting film?

GLASSTINT Shure X is the latest addition to the new inorganic thermal infrared barrier material that is superior in methods currently in circulation. It also boasts of a semi-permanent life with little change in composition and performance.

Most heat shielding window tinting films are generally made of films that mix materials with infrared control as well as IR (infrared) blocking on the surface hard coat of the film.

GLASSTINT Shure X films are high in indium oxide material, window vinyl film and often used for specific purposes. As the light passes through the film particles, the spacing between particles determines the degree of glare. The reason for giving a cooler, more open feeling of tranquility is the fabric of the Shure X film.


The tinting film installation was thoroughly observed and checked to ensure a well proper installation process. The automotive company was pleased to have chosen GLASSTINT. They ordered for the supply of our car window tinting film and left us with a satisfying remark.


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