Tesla Model X Challenge

Over the years, there have been controversies in the industry questioning if the windshield tinting of most Teslas can be done in a single piece.

However, we're proud to say that GLASSTINT is one out of few companies that does Tesla Model X tinting film installation perfectly and in a single piece of film - Trust me, this is no exaggeration.

The windshield of the Tesla Model X electric car is very distinct. It has a very large windshield that sometimes makes window tinting difficult even if handled by experienced professionals in the industry.

Truth is, it is quite exciting buying such kind of electric car like the Tesla model. Car window tinting is not an exception. In other words, GLASSTINT specializes in this area to provide high-quality tinting film and as well as supply to tinter shops across the globe.

We have worked on various models of Tesla along our time which shows that our level of experience is vast and reliable.


Tesla Model X cars come through our shops frequently, and we recently installed GLASSTINT Shure X 32 on a white Tesla X model windshield, side front, side back and back windows.

Our GLASSTINT Shure X window tinting film is delicate enough to feel like part of the glass. Not only does it feature a better tinting speed, but it also has a construction quality index higher than ordinary films.

As window tinting experts, we would like to point out all the details we notice and take care of when we prepare our cars.

For us to make the windshield tinting of the Tesla Model X in a single piece was important, even though various pieces might seem okay at first glance, we know that one day, someone will notice the seams, and then that will be all you’ll be able to see. We know our customers won't accept less than perfection in their high-end electric cars.

GLASSTINT Shure X as it is a tinting film that has the highest grade of premium ceramic possible and is installed by experienced professionals.

GLASSTINT Shure X is a tinting film that has the highest grade of cyanide and looks clearer at nighttime. It is a perfect non-metallic film, made out of premium ceramic that does not cause any interference to a vehicle.

If you’re a Tesla owner, we urge you to check a company’s reviews and references since the quality range is broad and tinting is an investment. GLASSTINT sets the difference.

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