Tesla Model X Window Tinting Installation and Price

In the window tinting industry, Tesla is known for having a more difficult installation process than other brands. Among Tesla models, the windshield of Model X is famous for being extra difficult.

That's why, even if the price is high, you should invest in a well know tinting studio for your Telsa Model X window tinting installation.

Tesla is becoming a popular brand these days. As a result, we have a lot of requests for the Telsa Model X window tinting installation.

Tesla Model X has a unique design that looks like it's from the future. But from the perspective of the constructor, it's a difficult installation.

The size of the windshield is twice the size of a regular car's windshield. And not only that, the glass is curved too. Because of that, the installation is complicated.

The Falcon Wing door is really cool. But also has a challenging level of difficulty. We need to be extra careful with this vehicle.

It's not just about the film performance. We need to be more thorough with the installation technology.

This time, the owner of the Tesla Model X, was more curious about the installation. Rather than asking about the film, he asked more questions about installation technology.
Do you have experience installing Tesla before?
Are you familiar with the characteristics of the vehicle?

Usually, clients ask more about the film performance. But in this case, because of the difficulty of installation, we understand he asked more about this.

Where should I tint my Tesla Model X?

Before going to a tinting studio, ask for recommendations. You need to find a place where they have experience tinting Tesla Model X. If it is the first time they do it, they can make mistakes.

You can do the same thing this client did. First, he asked the Tesla distributor for a recommendation. Then, he asked other Telsa Model X owners where did they tint their cars. They all said Glasstint.

Why is Tesla Model X so difficult to tint?

As you can see in the pictures, the windshield installation is tricky. The windshield is bigger than any other regular car. Plus, is curved. This adds difficulty.

Our technique for the Tesla Model X installation is using one piece, without cutting it.

Our technicians are experienced so one person alone could do it. However, for a better quality installation, we work in pairs for this car.

Although we always try to avoid dust and bubbles during the film installation, is really hard in the case of Model X.

To be honest, it is difficult to guarantee zero dust during the installation of a piece of film so big and complex. But we always try our best.

What did we install in this Model X?

The installation for this Model X was:

The side front window was tinted with a darker VTL for privacy reasons.

Infrared cut-off 95%. Superior functionality of TSER 58 - 65%.
Because of the huge dimensions of the windshield, the performance of the film is important.

Shure X is our most advanced film. Premium ceramic film without interferences, without moire effect and with a perfect clear vision.

A sophisticated tinted film structure that is delicate enough to feel like part of the glass and is spectacular at sight.

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