Tesla Model X Window Tinting

With this uniqueness, Tesla Model X is a very difficult car to install window tinting.

Tesla Model X

When you are trying to buy a product, you must have an experience where there is a product cheaper than the product that you are trying to buy.

This is why people say "don't search on the internet after buying the car"

Tesla Model X has a future-like design with functionality that can't be seen as an electronic car.

It's on Guinness for towing Australia Qantas Airline's Boing 787-9 in 2018.

The owner needs to do everything by himself for Tesla's car as there is no free option dealer provides like other cars.

This able the owner to look for window tinting better and with recommendation and information he searched, he chose Glasstint.

Model X is a very nice and charming car, but at the sight of installation, it has very high difficulty.
The falcon-wing has a unique feeling. With this uniqueness, Model X is a very difficult car to install window tinting.

Tesla Model X's Windshield window tinting

The highlight of Model X's window tinting is the windshield.

The size of the windshield is general SUV's windshield and panorama sunroof combined. The problem is not only the size but also structure that is difficult to stick to the film.

Most of the brands recommend a two-film installation for Tesla Model X's windshield window tinting.

Although we did lots of Tesla's windshield window tinting, it is still a very tricky place to install. This is why you need to check installation skills with the functionality of the film.

Tinting films used on the installation

Nicely done window tinting. Tesla Model X's windshield tinting is done with one film. As it is a bigger film, the dust or bubble may occur more.

With the request of the owner to match the concentration rate of side front and back, we installed Shure X 12 in front and Shure X 32 in the back and the rest of the windows.

Two films have different concentration rate, but almost s\the same hear rejection which is 94~95%.

Shure X has no jamming and moire effect as it is non-metallic film.

There is not many window tinting company that is able to proceed with Model X's windshield window tinting with one film. This is where you can see the difference of the installation skill.

Glasstint's window tinting doesn't begin with whether it is possible or not. It begins with how to do it.

We don't say it is the best window tinting for every people, but our goal is to meet every owner's needs.

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