Tinting film for a Fiat 500C

A  Fiat 500C came to GLASSTINT to have its windshield, side and rear glasses tinted. Among numerous convertible cars, this Fiat is one of the cutest! isn't it?

We continue with a meticulous masking process in order to perfectly install the films.

Then, we stick the film to the glass and start the installation with high heat.

The installation history of the Fiat 500C is as follows.

Windshield: Optic 55%
Rear and sides: Optic 35%

First, let's talk about the windshield tinting.
The type of film selected for this Fiat 500C is the Optic.
UV blocking rate 99%
IR blocking rate 81%
Optic possesses an outstanding thermal resistivity despite the fact that it if nonmetallic. This is really important for the front glass (windshield)

Moreover, since it was made with super clear fabric, it has bright and beautiful visibility.

The side windows are also Optic.

The rear glass as well.

After the installation of the film on all the glasses, we put this GLASSTINT metallic sticker.

And here we are! All the Fiat 500C's windows set!