Tinting Transport for privacy

The Hyundai Veloster starts with niche appeal, but its impressive handling and strong, high-value feature make it desirable by youngsters.

If you're looking for a compact car that has easily-accessible rear seats, this might be the right choice for you. This is a very unique vehicle in its class.

In South Korea this car model is frequently used to transport famous people including Kpop stars where window tinting for privacy is a must. In this case we recommended Pender Window Tinting Film.

GLASSTINT Pender - Privacy with sharp vision

Car window tinting is not a new thing for us. In other words, GLASSTINT specializes in this area to provide high-quality tinting film and as well as supply to mini tinting shops all over the world.

Following our blog update, we have worked on different Hyundai models that led to a fantastic outcome for all parts involved in it (Windshield, side back, side-front and back windows). If you desire a window tint that doesn't call for too much attention, then the GLASSTINT Pender is a better choice.

GLASSTINT Pender 35 on the Hyundai windshield is different from other standard window tinting films. It has a super lux optical coating technology that transmits light in the straight direction provides high-definition vision after installation. It is an almost black window tint that is inconspicuous. Sometimes famous people want to travel without calling attention

GLASSTINT Pender 5 on the side front and side back possess an intensive inorganic processing method that can maintain the performance of semi-permanent color. It has a total solar energy rejection of 55% and VLT of 5%.

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