Ferrari 458 Speciale with GLASSTINT

The Ferrari 458 Speciale arrived at GLASSTINT. The most advanced car needs the most advanced tinting film installation. As well as a Ferrari needs a GLASSTINT tinting film installation.

The customer didn't come to GLASSTINT himself. Nevertheless, choosing the films to be installed wasn't difficult, because the film that suits well with this car is definitely Shure.

Ferrari 458's Installation History:

Windshield: Shure 40%

Sides: Shure 10%

There is no reason to cover the mid-engine with a tinting film.

Before the installation, we go through a masking process that increases the quality of the work.

First, let's take a look at the windshield. The film installed is named Shure 40%. It's a non-metallic film that blocks the heat (IR rays) up to 95%. We can proudly say that this film is the best heat blocking film among the non-metallic films in Korea. Obviously, as it contains no metals, the electromagnetic disturbance is null.

The laterals are Shure as well. Shure 10%.

Typically, tinting films are green toned. However, Shure's color tone is blue, and it makes the car look more elegant. In this Ferrari, the Shure 40% in the windshield is a midnight blue, and the Shure 20% in the laterals is a deep blue.

And... we're finished!