BMW i8 Re-tinting process

Looks like the owner of the car did not care about the window tinting when he first bought the BMWi8. The down is already tinted, but as we look carefully we can see that the film is almost like an origami paper!

The customer looks pretty confused, but we just want to say we're glad he came to GLASSTINT!

After we finish choosing the film, we start removing the previously installed actual film. The removing process must be done really carefully. It is a pretty difficult process. Especially, the window defogger is easy to get damaged. For a lot of cars, is impossible to re-install the window defogger in the front and rear glasses.

Then, we start the masking process that helps us prevent any damages in the inside of the car. Some may say it is a little too much just to tint a car window, but for GLASSTINT, this is one of the most important processes.

Once the film comes to a state that can be removed, we initiate the removal process, slowly, and carefully.

After we slowly remove the film, we clean the window, and we manually cut the new tinting film.

After the film is cut, we assemble it to the glass with high heat.

PEB is known as one of the most beautiful tinting films. With its beautiful colors, customers and never stopping choosing PEB.

We make a smooth surface, that fits exactly to the glass, with the 'Pico Edge' technic.

40% concentrates PEB. Its beauty is undeniable!

Thanks for coming to GLASSTINT!