Window Tinting for sunlight allergy on a BMW

The owner of this BMW 520d is allergic to sunlight. He previously chose window tinting film very carefully, but the functionality wasn't enough.

The previous film wasn't enough

The BMW 520d arrived at Glasstint with a previously installed medium-high class film of a well-known film brand. Heat rejection and visibility are good enough. However, because he was very sensitive to sunlight, this film wasn't enough for him.

Normally, when people look for window tinting, they check heat rejection, visibility, and budget. They don't think about tinting film that fits their body or constitution.

There wouldn't be a problem normally. But if you have a sensitive body, you need to look into detailed conditions for window tinting.

After a long meeting, he decided to re-install the windshield with Shure X.

Installation with Shure X tinting film on the windshield

We cannot say for sure that it will fit him. But we gave the best way for him as he gave us lots of information.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the possibility of choosing the wrong thing decreases as you give more information.

Give as much information as you can when you are buying something like window tinting film or having a meeting to decide something which will increase the possibility of finding the right thing.

It is nearly impossible to meet the expectancy, but to say we are a premium window tinting brand, trying to meet expectancy needs to go on.

Clear visibility with minimizing the awkwardness, a maximum of 65% TSER, and 95% IR protection are the functionalities of Shure X 32 which will be installed in the windshield of BMW 520d.

It is possible because Shure X started for the car, not for construction.

Shure was the flagship model of Glasstint for a long time.

Shure X has the blackish feeling from outside and natural-like feeling from inside.

We hope the owner of 520d to enjoy car life.

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