Which film did the BMW X6 M50d choose?

This tinting film that symbolizes beauty is named PEB.

It is a film that reflects light with indiscreet angles and provides a dynamic color tone.

Because of the indiscreet light, the film on the BMW X6 looks prettier.

Countless Koreans top stars and also stars from abroad,

got surprised because of the meticulous masking previous to the film installation.

Some people urged us to stop the masking process and finish the work quickly,

but we couldn’t break our values.

We just said sorry, and kept on with our philosophy.

We use a masking tape that prevents flaws and scratches.

It is true that we spend a long time on the preparation process,

but we think it is worth it.

With this kind of philosophy, we were able to survive in the tinting market

as a trustworthy premium tinting company.

We also protect the inside of the car, to maintain it neat and clean.

We start cleaning the damaged glass neatly and cleanly from many foreign substances.

And then, we start installing the uniquely gorgeous PEB film.

This item is on fire! Its colors catch everyone’s eyes.

We use our ‘Pico Edge’ technique to complete our film cutting.

It is really difficult to achieve this process with PEB.

But the result is beautiful!

Windshield : PEB Film 15%

This concentration percentage is not recommended often,

although after going through various visibility tests and discussing with the customer,

we decided to install this PEB 15% as a matter of privacy.

It turned into a unique BMW X6 M50d driving machine.